Welcome to the Lewis Charlton Learning Centre 

Education and Therapeutic Care for Young People


At Lewis Charlton the focus is on empowering students to realise their personal and social potential by presenting curricular opportunities and community responsibilities in a manner that enables individuals to understand that their experiences are relevant, their feelings validated and their contribution meaningful. 






Personalised Learning

By personalising the learning experience it is expected the students come to invest in progress and take ownership of process. Educational performance is measured at Key Stage 3 & 4 by external accreditation e.g. A.Q.A Unit Awards, Entry Level, BTEC and G.C.S.E examinations. Teaching staff comprise of subject specialists for each area of the National Curriculum. The curriculum has been developed with the aim of addressing the emotional, social and vocational needs of our students.  


lineleft Promoting Inclusion

Inclusion, as an aim for our students, translates as a commitment to National Curriculum standards and practices and an awareness of opportunities for sharing and/or integrating into mainstream education and vocational experiences.





Promoting Pride in Performance

Pride-in-PerformanceThe school logo of “Promoting Pride in Performance” refers to personal performance at the level of school student, family member, friend and responsible citizen. 







Linking in with other Educational Establishments

The school is ideally situated to promote inclusion, with regard to educational and leisure activities within the local community.
Within the local area Lewis Charlton Learning Centre has forged effective links with Ivanhoe College, Stephenson College, The Linnet Independent Learning Centre and Chameleon School of Construction, to name but a few.

Through student referrals, shared staff training and student sporting events further links with Leicestershire and out-county mainstream and special schools have been made.

Currently we are exploring partnership possibilities with child care providers.